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Slabs & Tiles

Our Speciality in Natural Stone is as such we treat natural stones like aged wine.

We appreciate the fact that Natural stone is a precious commodity has come about in millions of years throughout the several periods in the earth’s formation.  So, keeping this in mind, we understand marble, onyx and other stones.  Whether they are in tile or slab form we serve our customers quality materials with appropriate advice.

Not, all natural stones are, for example, suitable for outside use.  Some limestone and onyx are extremely delicate and affected by the conditions outside.  But, the same materials, Onyx or Limestone help us create bathrooms and interior walls and floor with a magnificent ambiance and aura.

Wthether you have commercial or residential project’ you choose our stones: marbles, onyx, limestone travertine, granite and sandstone or slate, we will provide you with well selected slabs and tiles.  You could see the stages of our works as we process the materials- shaping them, cutting & polishing.

We manufacture and install

  • bookmatch slabs in onyx, mable, limestone, travertine and granite; in London and through out London, the UK, Europe and Worldwide;
  • bookmatch slabs back lit onyx, and translucent marbles;
  • floor and wall features.
domus roma imperiale book matched