Marble Slabs, Marble Tiles, Tops, Basins

We are a leading  specialist supplier of quality marble slabs, marble tiles, marble wash basins, marble vanity tops, marble shower trays  in London.  Our natural stone masonry products cover all aspects of interior needs.

I’d like to say that together with onyx, marble is an unbelievable natural stone, a magnificent gift to mankind by nature.  Apart from onyx, there is no other material on the planet like marble giving such ambiance in interior design arrangements when is used in correct proportions.

We love working with marble. With full understanding about potential of marble as an interior decor material, we turn this beautiful gift of nature  into many different interior products with love.  This is not a cliché. Our beautiful products range in marble include marble wash basins in circle, rectangular half globe, hand-carved, integrated marble vanity tops, book-match marble slabs for wall and floors.  Marble shower trays and carved marble stone bath tubs are also parts of our  bathroom products..

For the ease  of browsing, we categorized our marble slabs in their colours.