Onyx …  without a doubt, is one hell of a gift to humanity, has been made in heavens.  This extra-ordinary material; onyx  is an unbelievable natural stone.  While, with such luminous properties as translucency and an array of breathtaking dazzling colours, onyx creates  ambiance and  effect on human feelings no other stone could.

Onyx, is called as Onice and more commonly onyx marble, and onyx stones.  In some of onyx there can be found quartz properties – which gives onyx, onyx quartzite and onyx quartz labels.

As well as from our own quarry, we bring onyx from around world. We craft beautiful onyx ornaments as well our onyx slabs adorns many bathrooms and houses in London and other parts of Britain.  You could see our onyx  tiles . onyx slabs works in houses, beautifully ornate onyx vanity in many parts of UK; from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and parts of England all the way from Newcastle upon Tyne to Lands End.

Our quarries produce many different colours  in blocks.  We then manufacture  onyx slabs and onyx  tiles  from onyx blocks in cross cut onyx and vein cut onyx in white onyx, red onyx, black onyx, multi colour onyx, rainbow onyx, green onyx, yellow onyx, honey onyx. onyx grigio, fantasy onyx, purple onyx

As for the other colours like blue onyx, picasso onyx, jade onyx, ivory onyx, brown onyx, coffee onyx, pink onyx, ruby onyx, purple onyx, onyx miele,  we purchase onyx blocks to produce onyx slabs, onyx tiles and bespoke onyx interiors.

For your onyx works in your bathrooms, kitchen and in other areas, we can provide you impartial advice.  We template, supply, manufacture and install exquisite  many onyx interiors

As we bring in the UK many different onyx slabs we provide our clients  and the public in general with many different book match onyx slab choice.  For commercial projects, we also produce onyx veneer in 3 to 5 mm, backed with toughened glass.  Thus, gives the client quiet a lot of onyx options to choose from.

We supply, manufacture and install:

Onyx interiors, Onyx Bathrooms, Onyx Kichens,Onyx Kitchen Work tops, Onyx Shower Trays, Onyx washbasins, Onyx slab works for wall cladding , Onyx floors,  Onyx Book-Match, Onyx  book match slabs, Onyx book match tiles, Onyx veneering 3 to 5 mm, Onyx on toughened glass.

BookMatch backlit Onyx in London - in Slabs and Tiles

  • Honey Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Multi-color Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Mielle Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Sebanne Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Grigio Onxy Slabs and Tiles
  • Onyx Rosso Slabs and Tiles
  • Picasso Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • White Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Onyx Fantastico Slabs and Tiles
  • Silver Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Blue Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Pink Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Yellow Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Charcoal Moon Ash Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Antioch Bianca Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Rainbow Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Tiger Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • White Onyx Slabs and Tiles


  • Fireplaces in Onyx
  • Washbasin in Onyx – hand machine carved 
  • Integrated Washbasins Vanity Tops in Onyx
  • Bath Surrounds in Onyx
  • Shower Trays in Onyx
  • Baths in Onyx  – hand and machine carved
  • Book Matched Onyx Floor and Wall Features
  • Floor and Wall Cladding in Onyx ……… serving in London