Turkish Baths

In the daily life of The Ottoman Turks, Hamam, also known as Turkish Bath, had a huge central role. As well as it was a place to get cleansed, the Turkish Bath was a place of gathering and mingling, thus, functioning as a social hub.

As times have changed, and even so with a greater speed now, but the enduring splendours of Turkish Bath, still, with its old mythical mystics graces towns and cities throughout Turkey. Visiting a Hamam in Turkey to have bath and shower is still a very evocative ritual.

Now we can bring the whole notion of the ‘very Turkish Bath’ experience your own home, adapted to your home’s design and interiors..

We conceptualize, design and built a Turkish Bath in your house; that we categorize broadly in three design choices by keeping to the very spirit of this cultural heritage

– with a total traditional Turkish Hamam look;

– mixture of contemporary and period design

– or, just a total streamlined – modern looking Turkish Bath

With the above choices, we use materials selected in accordance with our design specifications after discussions with you, the client. However, we have core materials to create the old traditional look. In doing so, we adhere to the very spirit of this irreplaceable cultural heritage that has had enduring effect in the social life of Turks down the centuries that we respect and preserve, unreservedly.

The core material of Turkish bath is Marmara White Marble. So we use this very exact marble. And, like in the old days down in the history, we complement this Marble White Marble together with traditionally designed taps and hand carved ‘Wash Basins’, called Kurna. We use the same Marble to carve the Kurna.. This Marmara White Marble with light Gray patches – so an unassuming looking material it is, that would give a total Hamam ambiance upon completion of your very own Turkish Bath project.

We even have complementary presents, the Turkish Bath accessories that we would gladly give;

· two pairs of Turkish Hamam Towels;

· two pairs of Wooden Sleepers,

· two ornated Copper Jars,

· and, three reproduced photos & sketches from 18th 19th centuries so that would evoke the very feelings of almost “a real journey feel” down the history of those times!

This much revered heritage of Turkish culture is a very real and possible addition to your interiors. We claim it is an affordable luxury not comparable to any modern wetroom or bathroom that you would love it absolutely. With its wet and dry hot rooms where you could feel your own voice echoes while you are inside your Hamam as if you are in a traditional Turkish Bath!.

Hamam Accessories are all unique and we take pride in supplying the original materials.  Items such as copper jars. Hand woven mitt, takunya (wooden slippers), pestemal (woven towels) all are integral parts of Hamam ‘ritual’.

We understand what makes a truly Turkish bath ambiance and so we supply labortary tested hand woven organic mitt, pestermal (towel) and hand made organic soaps.

Our Copper jars and slippers will contribute to  the creation of true Turkish Bath Ambiance

Traditional Turkish Bath mixers and taps are very distinctive in their look.  As with the technology, many Hamam  items are adapted to the circumstances of the day without losing old style distinctive look.

We supply Hamam  Taps and mixers in bronze and nickel.  They are great complementary to the marble kurna and other accessories.

Kurna means washbasin – but it is without a wastehole.  After you fll the kurna then with a jar you pour water over your head.  This was the way in the Hamam in old days.  Now you could have hand held shower designed like the traditional taps.

Kurna is the most essential part of the Turkish Bath.

We make kurna from different marbles.  But,  it is Marmara White Marble that is the material used over centuries in making Hama Kurnas.

As we changes in walk of life Kurna has also changed in appearance.  We can make – made to order – Kurnas with in classic shape and look, or modern & classic mixed appearance or just modern appearance.

We have the know-how to create a Turkish Bath setting in your home however small is your bathroom space is.