Project Details

Project Name Black Heat Village Period House: Bathroom Stone Bathtube
Project Date September 2007
Location LONDON
Details Our fist contact with the client was at the Earl’s Court Exhibition. The client liked the soft feel of Myra creamy white limestone.

The drama was at the end. When the we delivered the bathtube in its original wooden crate. We had to use a telescopic crane to lift the crate over the 4 meters garden wall. And, then we managed to land the might bath tube over 350 kg thought the double garden door into the middle of the living room. This was a little trickier than explaining how it was done.

The final twist was pushing the stone crate – by the way we removed the side panels of the crate and left only the bottom part with the functioning wheels on – through the hall way into the bathroom.. The margin was between 8 to 10 mm only for manoeuvring the bath between the walls and the edge of the bath.

Eventually, without damaging or scratching the walls or the floor we positioned the bath and installed it. To this day, our client enjoy this beautiful affordable luxury.