Travertine as blocks or slabs .. it is one of the most versatile natural material in terms of applications in exteriors and interiors, Travertine comes in many different colours and shade.  We have access to all the known-Travertine types in the World.

It is such a beautiful material and yet it has been undervalued mainly by the chain store distributions in the UK as in the most cases left over materials are produced without due care such as colour selection.

And, in general, the Public is unaware of what is a good quality Travertine tile or slab or tile.

We supply, manufacture and install only the very best quality Travetine products  as wash basins, shower trays, Vanity Tops, stone Baths, Tiles and Slabs in interior furnishing.

For the purpose of browsing we group the travertine in two categories Beige and greyish colours