Book Match Onyx Slabs and Tiles, Onyx Washbasins and Onyx Showertrays

Onyx, with its translucent properties, can be regarded as the most ‘articulate’ natural stone interior material. Without exaggeration, a piece of onyx ornament; whether it is a backlit wall or floor feature, a backlit onyx fireplace, or a vanity top, with its soothing properties, onyx can make you feel elated, make you feel serene as you gaze at it. Any colour of onyx, when used proportionally, it creates unmatched ambiance in any interior setting. I simply loose for words when I describe the aura of this magnificent breathtaking material crates in any interor settings. Calling onyx as intoxicating sweet beauty is an understatement. This magical material is much more than that, it is an absolute delightful ornament with its own soul. That would make you love it for years to come.

With over 23 years of experience NatureFusion has been serving private and commercial clients as the leading onyx stone specialist, has executed several projects. Our onyx tiles, book match onyx slabs, flat bed onyx shower trays, onyx wash basins carved from onyx blocks, hand crafted onyx vanity tops have adorned many houses mainly in and around London. We also undertake projects or parts of projects through the UK, in England and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are the leading specialist onyx slab suppliers in London, England.

This extra ordinary natural stone; onyx, comes in many colours. These are pure white onyx, black onyx, green onyx, onxy esmeralda, yellow honey onyx, rainbow onyx, red onyx, multi colour onyx, ruby onyx, onyx grigio, purple onyx, picasso onyx, jade onyx, ivory onyx, brown onyx, coffee onyx, pink onyx, ruby onyx, purple onyx, onyx mielle, blue onyx, crystal onyx .red onyx, brown onyx. Sebanne belter onyx, starlica onyx.  We add new onyx slabs periodically. Magma onyx slabs Aragonite onyx slabs are new addition to our onyx collection range.

We also work with onyx veneer in 3 to 5 mm, backed with toughened glass. Veneered onyx in array of many colours. Please email us or call us for specfic information about bespoke work requirements.

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BookMatch backlit Onyx in London - in Slabs and Tiles

  • Honey Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Multi-color Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Mielle Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Sebanne Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Grigio Onxy Slabs and Tiles
  • Onyx Rosso Slabs and Tiles
  • Picasso Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • White Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Onyx Fantastico Slabs and Tiles
  • Silver Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Blue Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Pink Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Yellow Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Charcoal Moon Ash Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Antioch Bianca Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Rainbow Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • Tiger Onyx Slabs and Tiles
  • White Onyx Slabs and Tiles


  • Fireplaces in Onyx
  • Washbasin in Onyx – hand machine carved 
  • Integrated Washbasins Vanity Tops in Onyx
  • Bath Surrounds in Onyx
  • Shower Trays in Onyx
  • Baths in Onyx  – hand and machine carved
  • Book Matched Onyx Floor and Wall Features
  • Floor and Wall Cladding in Onyx ……… serving in London