Project Details

Project Name West Hampstead Synagogue Entrance Hall Floor
Volume of Work 128.00 m2
Location LONDON
Date 2011
Details This is the story of the floor of the Entrance Hall of West Hampstead Synagogue.
West Hampstead Synagogue, as you would guess, is a listed landmark building.  Our task was to replicate the floor mosaics which were over one hundred years old.
The challenge was to find the similar textured marble and replicate the original floor withiout changing any detail. So, as a ‘Natural Stone Romantic’ it took me 24 hours to locate the Marble and present the client with a sample set.  The marble we used is the Turkish Milasse Silver Ice Marble with another Turkish Marble Aksehir Black.  The marble matched the original colours.
All mosaics you see on the floor are hand cut and Centre piece pattern was copied from the original Medallion by the architect.  It took sic weeks to complete the manufacturing of the mosaics and transport them into the UK and installation was two weeks.